2nd Annual RSPCA Ride

Posted: 15 March 2015, in Events, News

While our efforts are aimed at assisting Veterans and their families it was decided early last year to arrange an annual ride to support a great cause – the RSPCA. We’ve all heard at some point how animals are known to assist in the mental health and well-being of people, so with knowing this and knowing some Vets in need, we could not look past arranging something.

The 22 Crew (our supporter club) with some help from Veterans MC members arranged for the second annual charity ride to raise some needed money. Neville, one of the 22 Crew, along with the assistance of RSPCA Inspector – Kylie Green, arranged for an authorisation letter to allow the collection of money on their behalf.

Once ’22 Nev’ got the green light a ride was arranged from Port Beach Fremantle up the coast just past Hillarys to Whitfords Nodes. The plan being to stop here before moving onto the clubhouse for a much needed frosty (this is beer for you Jimmy). The route decided upon wasn’t standard for a large group, but given we always gravitate to the same rides out the bush and back blocks it was decided to mix it up and go somewhere with good scenery and umm, bikinis.

The start of the ride allowed for plenty of stories to be told before heading off. It went well with the only problems being sunburn and an extremely slow section through Cottesloe Beach where the art festival – Sculptures by the Sea was being displayed. This resulted in an unescapable ride with a stop of around ten minutes while those on four wheels worked out how to park their family tanks. Interestingly there wasn’t a complaint as the weather was hot and the bikinis and associated hardware were on full display and for the girls there were boardies and bare chests. At one point we thought we were going to lose half the group to this. Normally we are concerned with people going off on the corners, only this time we were concerned for people running up the arse of each other while pretending they weren’t perving. From some of the comments overheard the girls on the ride would have gladly done another fly-by given the opportunity.

Once back at the clubhouse an auction and a raffle were run utilising many of the worthy prizes kindly donated. We had the pleasure of a Comp Burn-Out Car (thanks Tom) do a quick demonstration with a new set of tyres while still on the trailer. Leaving it on the trailer was an attempt to limit any fallout from the authorities if they saw it un-sportsman like. A quick dab of the throttle and the fully blown LS1 filled the area with smoke and rubber. This was quickly followed by the auctioning of a ride in the passenger seat of the beast at the next Motor-Plex meeting. The winner of this prize, Alice Robb from Statewide Institute of Training then humbly donated the prize back to enable someone less fortunate and would further appreciate the opportunity. Between the donations, raffles and the snags sold, a total of $7100 was raised with 100% of this going directly to the RSPCA. As usual some of the money taken over the bar goes towards the running of Cypress Cottage to aid Veterans and their families.

In all it was a great day for a great cause. We would like to thank all the other clubs and free riders who attended and supported this. The following details are some simple stats on why we did what we did:
The government provides approximately 5% of the RSPCA budget. To break it down further the RSPCA receives $500,000 of which $300,000 is for the Inspectorate and the remaining $200,000 going towards animal education. The Inspectorate animals cost around $3 million dollars a year. The shelter in full, costs around $750,000 a month to run. Without straining the brain to much the gap comes from you……You can now understand why the RSPCA also needs support. You can contact them on 1300CRUELTY (13002783589).

Last but not least we would kindly like to thank the sponsors because without them this would not be a success. Support them when you next need something that they can offer, they are as follows in no particular order:

Perth HD
Complete K9 Solutions
Fur Baby Boutique & Café
Masters Mandurah
DJ-G (A Disc Jockey legend)
Statewide Institute of Training (Alice Robb)
Windy Creek Estate
Mower Magic
Nostalgic Choppers
Bingy’s Dyno Tune
Kim Britton Motorcycles
VN2NV (Tom) Burn Out Carr
Bali and Beyond
Cut Price Framing
Michelle Ranson
Party Plus Rockingham
Distinct Detailing

The Veterans MC and the 22 Crew.


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