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The Veterans MC is a closed club that invites individuals to become members after they have formed a personal bond or affiliation with the club. Veterans MC clubhouse is located next door to the Nollamara RSL and opens the doors to the public on Friday evenings between 7:00pm and midnight. Functions and events are held throughout the year by the club for members and the public to attend. Details of these events are posted on the Events Page on this website.

Club History

On July 10th 1992 the inaugural meeting of the “Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club” occurred in Perth Western Australia. In 1995, the club obtained a premises in Lord Street East Perth which became the original clubhouse.

In 1997 the club moved to Nollamara and built a clubhouse on vacant land adjacent to Nollamara RSL. Also in 1997 the club changed to 100% Harley Davidson and the club colours were first seen out. After a few ups and downs with the 4 original Western Australian Clubs, approval to run the colours was granted in 1998.

In 2000 a realization based on the Vietnam Veterans premise, the club would have a limited life span. Talks were carried out amongst the State Chapters and it was agreed at a Federal level that all the “Vietnam Veterans MC” would become the “Veterans MC” opening the doors to all “servicemen” regardless of service. Western Australia seized this opportunity to expand and move into the future!

Unfortunately when the other state presidents returned to their respective chapters they folded under pressure and failed to take this forward step.

Veterans MC Australia still believes that CASPER (the skull and slouch hat patch) should be available to all who are worthy to wear the patch. Significant changes to existing clubs need to be made to achieve this. This requires commitment and effort that may result in conflict. Unfortunately prospective members who are not “Vietnam Veterans” have been taking the soft and easy option of starting new breast patch clubs instead of forcing the change.

Chapters of the Veterans MC are currently in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and South Australia.


Why the Veterans MC joined the United Motorcycle Council

The Veterans Motorcycle Club was formed up of men who served this nation. They were trained and risked their lives to preserve the rights and freedoms of all Australians while protecting this country from threats abroad.

We still believe strongly in protecting these values however the current threat that compromises these fundamental rights now comes from within our own shores and unfortunately it comes from those who were elected to serve and represent us.

The United Motorcycle Council is attempting to ensure that the erosion of civil liberties for all Australians does not occur.

That is why we support this cause and encourage all Australians to do likewise.

Veterans MC


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