ANZAC Day wrap-up

Posted: 28 April 2014, in News

What a day ANZAC Day was this year. A big thanks to everyone who came and celebrated the day with us, it was truly a great day.

An early morning start saw the members group up and visit various Dawn Services held around the Perth area, before heading into ANZAC House to catch up with some good ole friends and veterans.

By the time we got back to the clubhouse the party there had already started. The RSL was flat strap, so it was straight into it. There was plenty going on with bands, raffles, two-up and it was exceptionally great catching up with some good mates, some that I hadn’t caught up for years.

It all ended up pretty late and we had some great entertainment, including some after dark stuff. It was a fantastic day. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC, so the party is going to be bigger and better.

Mean time keep an eye out on our website or here on Facebook for more events and parties throughout the year.


5th Rolling Bike & Hotrod Show

Posted: 14 April 2014, in Events, News

What a great day this was. Thank you to all that came and supported the ride and to the boys that made the day go so smoothly. There was a fantastic turn out this year, over 360 bikes and over 30 cars, one of my favourites was the Fatboy with the slouch hat paint job.

Starting in Rockingham we made our way to our first stop, the Mundijong pub. The bikes and cars lined the street whilst we all headed in for a well earned bevy.

We mounted up again to start our next leg, which was back to the clubhouse. A nice cruisy ride through the northern parts of Perth before we arrived back to the clubhouse, then the party started.

DJ-G was cranking the music whilst the boys were handing our drinks and something to chew on. There was people everywhere checking out the bikes and cars having a great day.

Well done to all those that won trophies for their cars or bikes, there was some well loved machines out there.

Cypress Cottage was the winner here. The whole day was to raise money for our Emergency Accommodation Support House for Veterans who need a place to stay in times of need. Cypress Cottage has just been renovated and is ready to go again, so this much needed day was to help these people out so they can get back on their feet.

ANZAC Day in is just around the corner, so get back down to the clubhouse on the day and celebrate with us. Its a big milestone this year being the 100th anniversary of WW1.

Thanks again everyone, see you on ANZAC


Rockhampton criminal lawyer Doug Winning is looking to run in the next State election against the “draconian” bikie legislation and “neo-Nazi politics” of the Newman government. Amy Formosa ROCKHAMPTON criminal lawyer Doug Winning says it is time for the ordinary citizen to take a stance against the “draconian” bikie legislation and “neo-Nazi politics” of the Newman government.

Mr Winning said in light of two recent incidents where innocent citizens, who were bikers, felt “harassed” by police acting under the government’s new bikie laws, he was considering running for the seat of Rockhampton at the next state election.

“It is time for the rednecks to be removed, bag and baggage,” Mr Winning said.

The lawyer, who has represented bikies in the past, said he was perturbed when he heard about Townsville motorcyclists saying they were harassed while on their way to the funeral of a 70-year-old woman.

ABC reported yesterday the riders were customers and business partners of a local Townsville motorcycle shop.

The group said it was not associated with any bikie clubs but was pulled up by police as soon as it started the short journey.
Police had allegedly been filming the men beforehand.

Meanwhile, The Bundaberg Mail reported that participants of last month’s charity motorcycle ride Bumz on Bikes cancer fundraiser felt they had been classed as criminal motorcycle gang members, following the degree of police presence at the event.

The police asked event organisers for registration forms so they could check if there were any “criminals” at the event.

“The extremism of this government is so manifest that the ordinary citizen like myself should enter into the political debate and where appropriate run for public office to nullify the excursion into the neo-Nazi politics,” Mr Winning said.

He said he did not expect to be elected and his preferences would go to the LNP last and Labor second to last.

“It’s got to stop but it’s not going to with the Labor Party and Member for Rockhampton Mr Bill Byrne voting for the legislation,” Mr Winning said.

“I will probably only get a few hundred votes but those preferences won’t go to LNP or ALP.”

The “non-aligned” lawyer said Labor had shifted right on the political spectrum, while the LNP had shifted far, far right.

“We are a tolerant society but extreme politics is not acceptable or tolerated in Australia.”


Remembrance Day Ride 2013

Posted: 12 November 2013, in News

Remembrance Day ride on Sunday went off like a rocket. We had near on 300 bikes, with a huge variety; trikes, side cars, vintage, custom jobs, the works it was heaven. Our first stop was the Mundaring pub for a quick bevy after riding through the hills. Then it was time to hit the road again and we made our way back to the clubhouse in Nollamara. It all kicked on for a while with some tunes being pumped out by DJ-G and some of the boys put together a great lunch for us all.

The whole day was put together well, thanks to everyone that organised it and helped out along the way, it was a real good effort. We had lots of social clubs there this year, which was fantastic and thanks for the donations towards our charity house, Cypress Cottage.

Thank you to all that came, it was great to see so many people out there supporting such a great culture and remembering those that helped build our culture.

We have a Xmas party on Friday 6th December, so I hope to see you there. Its open to everyone.

Click here to see some photos of the Remembrance Day Ride.



AFL Grand Final wrap up

Posted: 4 October 2013, in News

Awesome party, the AFL Grand Final party at the clubhouse was going off. The place was packed, the girls were fantastic, there was plenty of booze and a good old BBQ cranking. The half time entertainment was certainly memorable for those that got a good eye full.

Thanks to everyone who came it was really good to see you all there and I hope you keep an eye out for our next events. Good to see the boys put on a cracking effort, well done boys and to those who helped out.

Now our next event is the Remembrance Day ride so get that in your calendar. Sunday 10th November 2013

Here are the photos from the AFL Grand Final.



After months of waiting Series 2 of Temporary Australians will now be seen on ONE, a free to air digital channel that is part of the 10 Network from Saturday August 31 at 2pm AEST.

This 12 part second series will showcase a wide range of positive motorcycling stories about bike shows, mass motorcycle rides, dirt track racing, police in motorcycling as well as visiting a biker clubhouse in Sydney and going on a poker run in Queensland.

It will reveal the huge Adelaide Toy Run and why the locals love it, check out some great riding around Perth, examine the impact of the Black Dog Ride as well as learn how some riders have survived the school of hard knocks.

Two Melbourne highlights will be last year’s Australian Motorcycle Expo and this year’s 110 Celebration of Harley Davidson at Williamstown.

There will be stories on women in motorcycling as well as a look at some of the cultural issues such as bikers use of Aussie humour, nicknames and tattoos plus some biker reflections on the controversial anti-association laws and how some riders have figured out the God stuff.

Housos Paul Fenech shares his brand of Aussie humour and why he focuses on motorcycle clubs for a laugh.

We find out how to ride a trials bike over a prone woman without embarrassment and also hear from some learned riders how they have used their riding skills to meet girls… all this and more on Temporary Australians Series 2.

For more go to or call Greg Hirst on 0414 798 440



Veterans MC Patch Party (S.A. & N.T.)

Posted: 25 July 2013, in News

Saturday 20th July 2013

Recently the VETERANS MC W.A. Chapter travelled to Adelaide to celebrate the birth of the Veterans MC in S.A. & N.T.

Not the best time of the year for travelling across the Nullarbor, but with such a pivotal event taking place it was well worth the effort. The guys did a straight through trip taking 26 hours to get there, which was a great effort. The four that couldn’t get the time off were picked up at Adelaide Airport on the day.

Saturday night we rode into the Clubhouse (two up), near Christies Beach, the weather had been shocking but luckily enough we made it in there dry. The Clubhouse was already packed with Vietnam Veterans MC & Veterans MC members from most States. It was great to catch up with the guys from Queensland and congratulate them on getting the Veterans MC (Qld) up and running over there last year.

At about 9pm all the visiting chapters were thanked for attending, and the Vietnam Veterans MC South Australia and Northern Territory were officially retired, and now all running under Veterans MC Colours, S.A. & N.T.

The boys there had done a great job with food, drinks and a great band called the Hi-Rollers which played all night and had one of the most entertaining piano players you would ever see.

We hope we can all catch up again soon and this taking place will ensure that Casper will live on into the future and also provide another support network for younger Veterans leaving the ADF.

Thanks to Sluggo S.A. & Dick N.T. for the invite and hospitality.

Sunday we dropped a couple of the guys back at the Airport and then made the trip back across the Nullarbor, most were back in Perth by 3pm on the Monday.

This was a great moment in the history of the VVMC & VMC.

Click here to see the photos here.



Fallen Digger

Posted: 23 June 2013, in News

On behalf of all the boys here at the club, our condolences go out to the family of the 40th Digger that died yesterday (22nd June 2013) in Afghanistan. And a speedy recovery to the 2 other boys that were injured.

Good work, well done and thank you.

Lest We Forget


Turner Gully – May 2013

Posted: 30 May 2013, in News

What a top weekend with V8 supercharged drag bikes throwing sand down the quarter, burn out trucks laying rubber on the pad and the crowd going crazy, the Turner Gully dirt drags was a cracker this year.

Thanks to all the boys for putting on a great show, it was a good chance to catch up with the everyone and have a yarn.

Good to see the Pee Wee’s out there having a crack and if you got the chance to see the burn out truck shred some rubber on the pad you would of been happy, it’s one thing when a car blows a tyre on the pad but when a truck does it, its pretty special.

Check out the photos