Outlaw ban stalls as Finks fight laws

Posted: 1 February 2013, in News

POLICE and the NSW Crime Commission have prepared briefs for the Supreme Court to ban at least two outlaw motorcycle gangs, but the government and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione have decided not to move on them, despite passing tough anti-bikie laws last March.

Police have prepared briefs on why the Hells Angels should be banned, and also on other gangs such as the Comancheros, as the shooting epidemic in western Sydney spirals out of control.

But Attorney-General Greg Smith and Mr Scipione do not want to move on the gangs until the outcome of a legal challenge by the Gold Coast chapter of another gang, the Finks, which has mounted a challenge in the High Court over similar laws in Queensland.

Mr Smith is concerned the case could undermine any attempt by him to ban the gangs.

He said yesterday a letter from Mr Scipione to Premier Barry O’Farrell in November had backed this cautionary approach and said it was up to the commissioner to decide when the government should move.

Mr Smith moved amendments to the bikie laws on the last sitting day of November in a bid to allow the laws to act across jurisdictions.

“The government will not progress this bill through the house until the High Court has handed down its decision. If any aspect of the Queensland legislation is found to be invalid, the government will review all provisions,” he told parliament.

Opposition Leader John Robertson yesterday called on the government to get cracking.

“People in southwest and western Sydney are fearing for their lives,” Mr Robertson said.

“If these shootings were happening in Ku-ring-gai you can bet the Premier would be announcing taskforces, crackdowns, cash rewards and declaring criminal gangs outlawed.”

A spokeswoman for the Attorney-General said: “An application for a group to be declared a criminal organisation has to be lodged with the Supreme Court by the Police Commissioner. There is currently a challenge to Queensland’s legislation in the High Court.

“At the request of the Police Commissioner, the government will await the outcome of this challenge before progressing the bill in the NSW parliament.”

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4 Responses to Outlaw ban stalls as Finks fight laws

  1. shortstop says:

    O.K. I have only 1 question about this. Why would the NSW Police, the NSW Crime Commission & the NSW Attorney General who are the top legal minds of that state be worried about the outcome of an appeal in another state against a similar law in their state? Unless that law is unconstitutional & illegal in the first place why would they worry.
    I have looked into the shootings in Western Sydney & I can tell you this they are definately not all so called bikie related. So it just seems to me that the NSW state Government & The NSW Police & Judiciary are using the Motorcycle Clubs as Scapegoats to pass laws that go against the freedom & rights of Australians that our forebears fought for.
    Sound familiar it should be, the Western Australian Government & their lackeys are doing the same thing. So much for ” God save Australia, home of the ANZAC, the strong & the free” . Hold on to what little freedom we have left people because we will become a Police State very quickly unless we are prepared to fight for our rights, The bodies of the Eureka Stockade miners must be turning in their graves right now.
    Anyway enough of my mindless ramblings.

    Catch ya at the Clubhouse


  2. Rob says:

    I agree with Shortstop. The government is just using Motorcycle clubs to get these laws in. What about clubs that ride for a passion? And anyways, Police causes more abuse and deaths due to over using their authorities then what Motorcyle Clubs do.

  3. Bear says:

    Wouldnt be good if they had of put this much effort into Former Top Police Officer Mark Standon who was caught bringing in $120Mil in drugs to this country. What a crock of shit, that he was the only fall guy and supposed King Pin of this operation. Bringing in such draconian laws will only further increase the corruption in State Policing.

  4. Goat says:

    So what happens next …. Police are employed to enforce the law, the people make the law and introduce it via our elected politicians … When did that change, who elected the Police Commissioner to make the law ???