Little Sister (09-Sep-2011)


2 Responses to Little Sister (09-Sep-2011)

  1. Miss Cassie says:

    haha i look terrible in the pic that im in i was so drunk haha, but it was a bloody good night.

  2. Miss Fi says:

    Nic pic’s guys I do have some Better ones if your interested, let us know.
    Its been a slow start to the year for us, as you know we scored a regular saturday night at the Northwood great new til my bass player left leaving us with all sorts of ring ins ( oh Bless ) even gaz man campble again has come to the rescue and now our drummer is having some medical dramas ARHHH. BUT the show must go on, so fingers crossed we will have a new line up coming soon, and look forward to playing for the club again
    Much love all, Miss Fi x