3 Responses to State Run 2011 (June 2011)

  1. Smelly says:

    Wicked weekend, thanks Brothers.. The bloke with the jarmy pants on needs to ride at the back of the pack i think he is on drugs..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. john Tustin says:

    Good shots,and I’m not jelious at all……Yea right.
    Was Smelly doing a fashion show for entertainment?
    You all take care. JT

  3. shortstop says:

    Would have to be the best birthday i’ve had in a while, thanks to all my Brothers, top ride & the bloke in the jarmy pants should ride at the back of the pack, not because he may be on drugs its because he is fucking almost as ugly as me & has been known to attract livestock (if you know what I mean ay) Love ya style odourous one