2 Responses to VMC State Run (May-2012)

  1. […] Click here to see a few photos of the trip and don’t forget that the clubhouse is open every Friday night from 7pm to the public, there is a fully stocked bar, so come on down for a coldie. […]

  2. shortstop says:

    Fucking great ride, great weather, great company & an outstanding party at the destination. You just can’t beat riding with your brothers & partying with the same, before I forget “Crusty keep your home made cookies away from me or at least warn me before I have one”. Well done to the Panna Riders for their outstanding hospitality & a top show Thanks must go out to Rod & the noms who under his control for doing the food & setting up the bar every night, top job lads.

    Catch ya at the Clubhouse