Westdale Rock (08 Oct 2011)


One Response to Westdale Rock (08 Oct 2011)

  1. Chopper says:

    Always great to escape to the freedom of ya bike with mates…. But ?? How can the greatest Country in the world have let such a fucking corrupt Government send out their “Bullies” to persecute EVERYONE, just because people CHOOSE to FREELY attend an event that interests them, Power trippers in uniform think they can intimidate and persecute. Australians all let us rejoice coz we are young and FREE – REALLY?
    I thought the law was there to convict WHEN a crime was committed – not brand you as a criminal because they say you are? Pretty sure I’ve got nothing pending against me, but they sure make me feel like I just raped and pillaged half the world. Wonder how intimidating they’d be if you took the badges away and it was just them facing us?
    Here’s an idea Coppers – Grow some balls and do what you signed up to do, Protect and Serve, Not assume guilt and be Government puppets on a power trip! There’s a FUCKING lot of GREAT blokes that ride and like a good time in Oz and you’d find that out if you removed ya nose outta Canberra’s arse! ANYWAY – enough of that shit, Keep holding events brothers and everyone keep going – Fight to keep freedom … Guess I better go drink piss, do drugs, kill, maim, destroy, rape and thieve so the cops can justify their BULLSHIT…. (First sermon I’ve ever wrote) Guess the bastards are pissin me off…